Process Instruments

  • On-line process analyzers for the accurate determination of the trace moisture content of gases based on tunable diode laser technology.
  • Highly accurate, reliable QCM based moisture analyzers for all your moisture measurement needs.
  • Tunable Diode Laser Instrumentation
  • Moisture Analyzers
Ametek Process Instruments 5100P TDLAS Portable

Tunable Diode Laser Instrumentation

  • For analysis of key gas analytes
  • Model 5100 is a single laser, single gas analyte system and is ideal for sample dewpoint temperatures up to 55ºC.
  • Model 5100HD is a dual laser, multiple gas analyte system and is ideal for sample dew point temperatures up to 100ºC.
  • 5100P is the tool-of-choice for users needing to perform measurements in remote locations or verify fixed analyzer installations.

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