M4 Knick

  • Liquid analytical sensors - dissolved O2, ph/ORP, conductivity
  • Cable to sensor connection is a hermetically sealed, isolated, inductive connection
  • Ceramic sensor vs typical Teflon sensor - more robust, temp compensated, less pressure sensitive, proprietary glass composition
  • Memosens sensors - smart sensors store calibration and exposure data, electronic calibration and sensor diagnostics
  • Portavo - portable calibrator and datalogger for access to diagnostic and calibration information, no liquids reuqired for calibration
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  • M4 Knick Line Card
  • M4 Knick - Applications
  • Conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen sensors
  • ORP electrodes
  • Process analyzer systems
  • Digital, 2-wire, 4-wire, modular process analysis
  • Integrates with Memosens smart sensor and M4 Knick analysis software
Sensor Management
  • Portable meters
  • Analysis software
  • Static holders - Static holder for 225 mm sensors
  • Retractable holders - Easy insertion and retraction of the sensor without the interruption of the process
  • Immersion holders - Adaptable to virtually every process due to different lengths: 250 to 2000 mm
  • Flow-through holders - Provide in-line measurement of dissolved oxygen, even under sterile and hygienic conditions