Hart Interface Solutions

  • HART Multiplexer Systems for multiple signal loops is used to connect HART field devices to Asset Management Systems like AMS™ Suite.
  •  Acts like a gateway device, routing communications between the maintenance workstation PC and the HART field devices. It interrogates each HART device, retrieves device information, and stores it in an internal database.
  • Information is made available by the AMS Device Manager or PACTware. The HART Multiplexer also acts as a message coordinator for communication between the maintenance workstation PC and the HART devices.
  • HART Loop Converter for single loop applications allows access to all process variables provided by a field device and transfers them to conventional 4...20 mA loop. This enables it to make use of the hidden measurements done by many field devices and feed them to conventional DCS Systems.

Pepperl+Fuchs Interface Technology Product Selection Guide

Pepperl+Fuchs HART Interface K System HIS

K-System HIS

  • Feature the housings of K-System intrinsic safety barriers and can be flexibly mounted on DIN rail.
  • Ideal for flexible upgrading of existing installations without any need for close DCS integration.
Pepperl+Fuchs HART Interface H System HIS

H-System HIS

  • The HIS devices follow the form factor of the termination board-mounted H-System intrinsic safety barriers.
  • Ideal for applications requiring tight DCS or system integration.

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