CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer

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The CG1000 has a wide operating range (0.1 ppm to 100% O2, autoranging), a fast response to oxygen changes, and advanced electronic capabilities for easy system integration.

  • Lightweight, compact case with handle makes it easy to move the analyzer to different sampling locations.
  • User-friendly, menu-driven software includes helpful system status messages, allowing you to begin using the CG1000 quickly. Advanced software diagnostics and on-line help simplify  operations.
  • Electronic flow sensor eliminates the high maintenance and potential leaks associated with mechanical flow meters. This allows you to reliably monitor the flow of gases into the analyzer, and can even trigger a flow alarm if flow to the analyzer stops.
  • Optional built-in pump allows you to pull samples from processes under vacuum and compensate for pressure when measuring oxygen under vacuum. Simply press a key on the front panel display to turn the pump on.
  • Reduce calibration gas expenses by calibrating with percent gases and then reading accurately in low PPM ranges.
  • Easy to integrate into your overall control scheme using RS-485 serial communications, 0 – 20/4 – 20 mA current outputs, and digital alarms.
  • The zirconium oxide sensor will not fail to a zero oxygen reading, as with other sensor technologies. Therefore, your process is always protected.

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