Draeger Gas Detection

  • Stand-alone gas detectors for ambient air
  • Monitor oxygen, toxic gases and combustible gases
  • Both explosion-proof and general purpose Draeger gas detectors

Oxygen and Toxic Gas Detection

  • Fully automated testing
  • Wireless connectivity

Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbons, and Combustible Gas Detection

  • All components built in-house
  • High-flow pumps for consistent readings
  • Extremely durable metal chassis


  • Robust and relaible monitoring of the presence of toxic gases, oxygen, combustible gases and vapors
  • General purpose low cost single controller, 4-channel controller, or for monitoring up to 16 points
  • Customizable 8/16 channel controller
  • Fully expandable automated control systems
  • Modular system for monitoring up to 100 transmitters


  • Advanced sensors used in the Draeger measuring heads are the heart of gas detection systems
  • Designed to work in perfect harmony with the respective control systems and components

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