Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices

  • By acquiring Ecom, Pepperl+Fuchs expanded its portfolio with the market leaders for intrinsically safe mobile devices such as feature phones, smartphones, and tablets for explosion-hazardous areas.
  • With solutions for mobile safety and communication, customer applications are quickly digitized. This unlocks new potential and increases workflow safety, efficiency, and transparency—either in conventional applications or for Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Pepperl+Fuchs Mobile Computing Communications Product Guide

Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Safe Mobile Computer

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer

  • The i.roc® Ci70 –Ex intrinsically safe handheld computer combines state-of-the-art technology with a flexible, modular head concept for diverse identification systems like LF, HF, and UHF RFID, or 1-D barcode laser scanners and 2-D multi-range barcode imagers.  It offers many global approvals for use in explosion-hazardous areas—from ATEX and ATEX mining, through IECEx, to NEC and MSHA mining.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Safe Barcode Scanner RFID Reader

Intrinsically Safe Barcode Scanner/RFID Reader

  • The intrinsically safe barcode scanner/RFID reader Ident-Ex® is an efficient solution for challenging scan operations in explosion-hazardous areas. Due to its modular design, this robust handheld can be adapted to the requirements of different scan tasks. Different read head modules are available and can be easily changed. The Ident-Ex 01 uses Bluetooth for pairing with ecom base devices or any other mobile device.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Explosion Proof Android Tablet Ex02

Explosion-Proof Android Tablet

  • The Tab-Ex® 02 has been developed in close cooperation with Samsung Electronics, the market leader for tablet PCs. The tablet computer is based on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 that is equipped with a faster processor and the latest Android N operating system. Besides tried-and-tested functions, the Tab-Ex® 02 also comes with innovative features like a gyroscope for augmented reality scenarios that make Industry 4.0 applications easy to implement.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Explosion Proof Tablet Computer PadEx01

Explosion-Proof Tablet Computer

  • In addition to its large display, the explosion-proof tablet PC Pad-Ex® 01 DZ2 features speedy fifth generation Intel®-Core™ i5/i7 CPUs and supports Windows® 10/Pro. Battery life lasts up to seven hours. The combination of robust usability and computing power suits this mobile device for outdoor use in any environment: It complements or even substitutes for desktop PCs, laptops, or wall-mounted displays.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Smart Ex01

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

  • As a 4G/LTE capable Android smartphone and mobile computer, the SmartEx® 01 efficiently modernizes communication and collaboration between mobile workers, control side, and backend systems. This new level of online connectivity and coverage leads to improved work processes and reduced costs. The Smart Ex®01 supports a wide range of industrial applications such as the “man down alarm” that sends warning messages including position information. It can also be used to access online documents, digital photos, and videos.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Intrinsically Safe Feature Phone Ex-Handy09

Intrinsically Safe Featurephone

  • For users who need a more advanced mobile phone but not a smartphone, the Ex-Handy 09 featurephone (successor product to the well-known Ex-Handy 08) is designed to meet this need. It provides both push-button and touchscreen mobile phone capabilities plus the performance and connectivity to support simple and more intensive Android applications such as lone worker protection, push-to-talk, and other industrial apps.
Pepperl+Fuchs Safe Mobile Device Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth Beacon Loc-Ex01

Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth® Beacon

  • BLE beacons are small Bluetooth beacons that emit a signal at periodic intervals. With Bluetooth 4.0 support, these beacons are compatible with popular smartphones and tablets and can be recognized by these devices over a distance of up to 200 m. This enables solutions for lone worker protection, physical access control, guard control systems, visitor guidance systems, and even indoor localization

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