• Semiconductor hydrogen sensor technology
  • 10-year sensor life
  • Concentrations as low as 4000 PPM can be scaled up to 5% by volume
  • No cross sensitivity to common interferences such as CO
  • Very stable, infrequent calibration intervals
  • Tolerant of harsh background contaminants
  • Instruments for portable, process and ambient applications

H2Scan Line Card

Ceramic Sensors

  • No cross sensitivity to other gases in the process stream including CO, H2S
  • Real time, continuous hydrogen specific measurement
  • On-site calibration
  • Replaces TCD and GC devices - ask us about cost and functionality benefits

Safety Products

  • No false indications from combustible gases
  • Hydrogen sensitivity range of 0.4% to 5.0% hydrogen by volume, (10% to 125% of hydrogen's lower flammability limit)
  • Solid state device - no need to replace sensing element
  • HY-ALERT 500 has the ability to detect very low PPM leaks with a hydrogen sensitivity range of 15 PPM to 100% hydrogen by volume

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