Draeger PointGard 2000 Series

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The Draeger PointGard 2000 Series is a self-contained gas detection alarm system that is easy to install and commission. Its rugged, water-resistant housing comes complete with a horn and strobes, a built-in power supply, and reliable DraegerSensor®.

Draeger PointGard 2100: Detect over 100 toxic gases using DraegerSensors Electrochemical DraegerSensors provide continuous detection even under the harshest conditions. Most DraegerSensors offer a very wide temperature and humidity range from -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F). The built-in memory contains all calibration and configuration information. Therefore the sensor ships precalibrated and ready for immediate operation. An intelligent sensor self-test function allows for predictive maintenance.

Draeger PointGard 2200: Fast and stable combustible-gas detection The latest-generation CatEx DD gas sensor is based on the proven catalytic bead principle. Innovative dual active elements result in very good long-term zero stability. Draeger has raised the bar yet again for poison resistance. The resulting long service life provides you with low ownership costs. Measuring performance has also been improved. The innovative gas inlet allows the sensor to respond to gas within a matter of seconds.

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