Draeger Flame 5000

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The Draeger Flame 5000 discriminates between a genuine fire and other radiant sources that cause  conventional detectors to produce unwanted false alarms, such as solar radiation, flare radiation, electrical arc welding, hot CO2 emissions, and black body radiation.

The Draeger Flame 5000 is a visual flame detector and a closed circuit television camera (CCTV) in one. It is engineered to combine these two technologies into the best flame detector that money can buy. It’s the safest and most advanced flame detection system available, and is proven reliable and robust, even in the harshest environment. Superior flame detection technology is able to mask “friendly fires” without having to desensitize its fire detection capabilities. The Draeger Flame 5000 is one of the only units on the market today that has this ability.

  • The Flame 5000 is designed to detect a one (1) square foot hydrocarbon fire from 144ft within a 90° cone of vision in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Detects radiation in the visible and near IR range
  • Sensitivity IS NOT affected by water on the optics
  • Not blinded by contamination from salt air, water droplets, or oil mist
  • Longer detection range than conventional flame detectors
  • Not affected by ice and water
  • No sunshield or weather protector required
  • Does not alarm to flare reflections from process relief flares
  • Not affected by sunlight or water reflection FPSO’s
  • Provides remote video signal for a guard station or security center
  • Not affected by CO2 emission

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