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The High Beta® Engineered or (HBE) is a custom engineered product that is great for combustion air flow measurement in both round or square ducts that are non-standard in size and shape. The HBE is a perfect fit for applications in any industry, but is well suited for the irregular duct work seen in power plants for measuring combustion air flow including primary air, secondary air and over-fired air flow.

Features & Benefits of the HBE System:

  • Duct Section – 24″ .707 SS High Beta duct section, available in diameters up to 36″.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy to within ±0.5% and repeatability to within ±0.1%. Testing certification in an AMCA rated test chamber is available.
  • Basic Installation – Includes a flanged duct section for easy installation, while the contained pitot array is internally manifolded and connected via through-wall fittings.
  • Material of Construction – 304 SS construction. VAP3® is manufactured of extruded 6063 series aluminum with a final process Teflon hard-anodized coating, ensuring a surface hardness of Rockwell 65C.
  • Minimal Pressure Loss – Yields a minimal pressure drop of 33% of the differential pressure.
  • No Maintenance – There are no active electronic components or moving parts that are installed within the air stream, thus eliminating maintenance costs and ensuring reliability and ease-of-use.
  • Velocity Averaging Throughout Full Traverse of the Duct – VAP3® Pitot installations provide multiple DP sensing ports, covering the full traverse of any duct.

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