Gas Density Meters

Liquid Flowmeters – Turbine flowmeters to accurately measure high viscosity liquids or liquids that contain particles. Our flowmeters combine digital signal processing with correlation detection methods for superior performance under the most demanding conditions.

  • Measurement at true process conditions
  • Suitable for custody transfer gas metering, ethylene production, Stack emissions analysis and control, LNG metering, Blending, Process/quality control, Product consistency, Product identification and Interface Detection

DCT6088 Digital Correlation
Transit Time Flowmeter

  • Utilizes a unique digital correlation technique to measure the flow of clean liquids
  • It features a non-intrusive design that can be applied to pipes of all sizes
  • Installation cost and service downtime are reduced and pressure loss and leakage in pipes is eliminated

SX40 Dedicated Dual
Frequency Doppler Flowmeter

  • Utilizes a patented digital signal processing technique to determine the flow of liquids that contain particulate or air bubbles

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