Validation Systems

Tek-Trol Tek-DPro Flow Solutions

Tekvalsys DPro System

  • Supports all differential pressure flowmeters
  • Supports all smart pressure differential transmitters
  • Management and simulation of captured data points
  • Enhanced data logging functionality, both on-demand or time-based
  • Graphical process variable trending views
  • Simultaneously connect to multiple primary and secondary devices
  • Ideal tool for evaluating multiple devices simultaneously
  • Fault in Repeatability Test Interpretation
  • Fault in Control Chart Interpretation
  • Fault in Composition Comparison

Tekvalsys GC

  • Live uncertainty for Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Molecular Weight, Relative and Standard Density
  • Historical uncertainty trend
  • Combined response factor
  • Mole compositions trends and comparison
  • Conversion between multilevel calibration and single-point response factor
  • No manual intervention required

MPFM Multi-Phase Flow Meter

  • Ability to accurately meter produced gas, water, and oil
  • Completely separates gas from liquids
  • Monitors gas volume fraction (GVF) and liquid volume fraction (LVF) from wells
  • Measures net oil/water cut

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