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Metering Best Practices
From the Department of Energy. Download here.

Application Forms

We can solve your gas detection needs.
Fill out our form to begin the process. Gas Detection Form

Conversion Tables

Online metric conversions at
Online Science Conversions
Choose units: Area , Speed, Temperature, Distance, Time, Length / Height, Volume, Power, Weight, Pressure, Fractions to decimals, and more.
More units: Volumetric flow rate, Mass flow rate, Mass and Weight Conversion ,Distance and Length Conversion, Capacity and Volume Conversion, Area, Temperature unit conversions, Weight to Volume Conversion, Speed, Acceleration, Pressure and Stress, Circular Measure, Energy and Work, Torque, Computer Storage, Data Transfer Rate, and more.

Pollution Control

EPA website:

Products for Pollution Control.


1. Hazardous Area Static Electricity Applications 24 page tech guide, download pdf
2. VESF63 Ex IS Tester, download pdf
3. Earth-Rite Plus, download pdf


HVAC Calculator
Click here !

Process Control

1. Reduce NOx Emissions While Improving Fuel Efficiency, download pdf
2. The Other Side of Zirconium Oxide,
download pdf

Quality Control

SQC Online

Laboratory Equipment

Professional Associations

Product Application Data Sheets

LDetek Application Sheets
PlasmaDetek – MultiDetek – LD8000 – LD2000 – LDGSS

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