MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender

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The MGB1000 is ideal for calibrating ta3000 and ta5000 gas analyzers with ppm or ppb mixes of a single component or mixed component gas standard. The micro volume flow path enables single step blends quickly and reliably, without consuming large quantities of zero gas. The MGB1000 is specially engineered for long term stability. All tubing and interconnecting fittings in the primary flow path of the MBG1000 are constructed from 316 stainless steel. Electronic pressure gauges are stable to within 0.1% of full-scale reading per year. As an extra precaution, each gas inlet line is protected from particulate matter by a 2 micrometer particle filter. The pressure-to-flow relationship of the capillary restrictors does not change with time, thereby providing stability virtually over the lifetime of the product.

Key Features:

  • Low cost operation
  • Low zero gas consumption
  • Reduces cylinder gas stocking requirements
  • Extremely low internal volume
  • Total shut-off of CAL-gas for blank runs
  • Bench-top or 19″ rack-mountable

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