LumaSense - Thermal Imagers and Systems  
  • Thermal Imagers & Systems Product Overview
  • Accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology
  • High-tech instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects
  • By monitoring the temperature, users can control entire factory production processes as well as ensure hightest quality standards
LumaSense - Infrared Thermometers
  • Infrared Thermometers Product Overview
  • Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. 
  • In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology
  • It can be used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to endure the consistent quality level
LumaSense - LUXTRON Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors
  • Solutions for Transission & Distribution Overview
  • Products based on Fluoroptic and Gallium Arsenide material technologies
  • Based on these technologies, each individual product can be configured for a specific application starting from basic electronic instruments or OEM modules to complete turn-key systems
LumaSense - MIKRON Calibration Sources
  • Calibration Sources Product Overview 
  • Highly accurate calibration equipment for pyrometers, thermal imaging cameras, radiometers, heat flux and spectrographic measurement systems
  • Calibration sources are infrared radiators with fixed or adjustable temperatures between -40 and 3000 degrees C. 
  • They are used for calibration or verification of the correct temperature-indication of pyrometers
  • Depending on the model of the calibration source single temperature points or temperature curves of an infrared measurement device can be monitored and recorded