Calibration and Service

Martech Controls offers reliable calibration and repair of portable and fixed instruments for safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, and process applications. All work is done to NIST standards.
Depot service is available nationwide for portable instrumentation. We offer quick turnaround times and ship to meet your needs – overnight or slow at lower cost. You can even drop off and pick up instruments at our offices if you are close by. For depot repair, complete this form .

Service plans are available for annual, quarterly, or more frequent calibrations. We will schedule service calls and document all calibration work to assist in your record keeping.

Calibration Gases are available in single gas or mixes for any portable instrument – all gases are NIST traceable . We buy our gases directly from a laboratory and can save you 20-30% compared to buying from instrument manufacturers.

Recycle your empty cylinders and receive a $10.00 credit towards a new cylinder - the green and cost efficient alternative.

Click here for a Depot Repair Form