Calibration Equipment

Calibration EquipmentDescriptionRangeAccuracy
RH-CALPortable Relative Humidity and Temperature calibrator with built in primamry standard chilled mirror hygrometer reference standard.5 to 95% Relative Humidity, 10° to 50°C Temperature+/-0.5%RH & +/-0.1°C Temperature
DewGenDew Point Generator utilizing the divided flow technique for generation of a wide range of targeted dew points.-80°C to +15°C Dew Point(dry gas source required)+/- 0.5° Dewpoint
ELH ChambersELH series is a range of calibration chambers for %Relative Humidity/DewPoint and Temprature calibration with built in DewMaster chilled mirror reference hygrometer. Chamber sizes ranger from 5 to 65 cubic feet. NIST and ISO17025 accredited calibrations included.10 to 95% Relative Humidity, -65° to 200°C TemperatureRelative humidity (±0.5% typical), Temperature (±0.3 °C) Dew/frost point (±0.2 °C)

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