• Widest product range of low-flow (mass) flow meters and controllers on the market
  • Applications in laboratory, machinery, industry and hazardous areas
  • Low flow and pressure thermal mass flowmeters and controllers, Coriolis flowmeters and controllers for air, gas, liquids and dosing systems
  • High precision, high accuracy and repeatability, compact and convenient
  • Communication options: analog, digital, ether cat, fieldbus and device net configurations

Gas Flow

  • Thermal mass flow meters and controllers
  • Numerous styles of both standard and bespoke instruments
  • Applications in laboratory, machinery, industry and hazardous areas

Liquid Flow

  • Micro to low flow rates of liquids
  • Mass Flow Meters and Controllers based on the thermal and Coriolis measuring principles
  • Volumetric flow meters based on ultrasonic, Vortex, electromagnetic and positive displacement working principles

Vapour Flow

  • Unique and patented 'CEM' (Controlled Evaporation Mixing) technology
  • Accurate vapour flow control
  • Capable of handling sufficient quantities of liquid with a low vapour pressure, or perform in an imperfect way
  • Instantaneously provides vapour of a mixture of liquids with different vapour pressures


  • Digital electronic pressure transducers and controllers for gases and liquids have a well-proven compact thru-flow design
  • Accurate and reliable absolute, relative (gauge) or differential pressure measurement
  • Various integrated or separate control valves can be offered for specific field of application

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