Furnace and Inert Atmosphere Control Analyzers

Analyzers for Combustion Premix Burner Stations

PreMix 2000 Analyzer

  • Continuous feedback of excess oxygen or excess fuel resultant from air to fuel ratio settings on premix burner station output.


  • Capable of measuring excess oxygen in post combustion flue gas or excess oxygen to excess fuel in premixed combustion samples feeding forehearth zones.

Analyzers for inert gas atmospheres

TM2000 Net Oxygen Analyzer

  • RS-485 serial communications, 0 - 20/4 - 20 mA current outputs, and digital alarms for systems integration.
  • User-friendly, menu driven software that includes helpful system status text messages allows you to begin using the TM2000 quickly

CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer Series

  • Operating range (0.1 ppm to 100% O2, autoranging), a fast response to oxygen changes, easy system integration.

Model 120HD Portable Hydrogen Analyzer

  • Battery operated, fully portable
  • Non-destrucitve - sample can be used after analysis
  • All wetted surfaces are stainless steel
  • Measurement unaffected by changes in ambient temperature or pressure
  • Factory calibrated

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