Advanced Instruments

  • Portable and online gas analysis
  • Advanced oxygen sensors, % O2, PPM O2 and PPB O2 analyzers, ppm H2S analyzers, PPM CO analyzer, Heliox and Trimix analyzers for industrial process control and natural gas
  • ATEX-certified, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof options
  • Medical O2 sensors and sport diving O2 sensors
  • Advanced Instruments Line Card


  • PPM, % O2 analyzers, intrinsically safe option
  • PPM H2S analyzers, intrinsically safe
  • Helium and Oxygen Analyzer for hood leak testing



  • General purpose, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof analyzers and transmitters
  • O2 analyzers, %, PPM, PPB
  • H2S analyzers, PPM

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