Pulsar PM - CSO Level Monitoring

dbi hart transducer
  • Non-contacting ultrasonic transducers for flow applications
  • The dbMACH3 transducers have been designed specifically  for open channel flow measurement
db transducer series
dB Transducer Series
  • Simple, convenient and accurate ultrasonic level measurement.
  • A range of self-contained, intelligent non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement transducers which make use of Profibus PA communication protocols.
  • Four range choices are available with either 3m, 6m, 10m or 15m range (10ft, 20ft, 33ft or 49ft), all of which take simplicity, convenience and accuracy to a new level.
blackbox 136
Blackbox 136 Level CSO
  • The Blackbox CSO 136 can measure level, space, distance or flow and provide a representative output. 
  • There is a voltage output that can be used for remote andication purposes and a RS232 port, so that the blackbox can be programmed or monitored remotely by a PC or other equipment
dBMACH3 & dB3 with Double Sun Shields
  • High accuracy open channel flow transducer
  • Featuring unique sun and submergence shields
  • The first ultrasonic transducer with zero effective blanking distance beyond the nose cone, allowing it to be sitedas little as a few mm from the high flow level.